No One Cares About Your Blog - EP


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released October 30, 2008

Written and produced by Planet Brain.
Recorded by the Brainians at Brainland,
on a 16 tracks reel-to-reel.
Mixed by Marcello Batelli
October 2008
Auronzo di Cadore (BL) - Italy

Artwork by Lappony:

we care about this blog:



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PLANET BRAIN Auronzo Di Cadore

Pop-prog three-piece from the Dolomites.

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Track Name: Who Cares About This Song
Who cares about this song

Status quo
But was it like before?
See our words collapsing
Who cares about your blog?
Yeah, but you didn’t know
All the fractures weren’t yours
It’s the circumstances
No one cares about you blog
Who cares about it now?

Who could stand
the shadow of a doubt?
Yeah you didn’t care, nor I
Misconceptions weren’t ours
Blame it on the circumstances
And whatever will be will be
And yes, it happened by mischance
Or misfortune or what it is
Oh, who cares about it now

It’s not entertainment, it’s to consume
It’s not possession, but what you lose
It’s like a protection in all you do
It’s forgetting what’s next but ever wanting more

Do you have more?
Do you have more now?

(I could be devoured, I could be the victim
But I’m not! - I could be a winner
It would be much easier, I know)
Track Name: Ready, Willing, Unable
Ready, Willing, Unable

Comets here are diamonds
Constantly desired
I’m ready willing and able
To come and start a fire

Moments here are lines
That constantly retire
I’m ready, willing and able
To go down a nest of spiders

To be underneath
To be floating in a sea of jaws, and hear ‘em coming
To be faster than your fears
To be on the radio the day of your suicide

I could fall into oblivion
Just for a second
Or just twist like a contortionist
Do whatever I please and do not have to face the consequences
Do not have to complain
Then I would be like a million times better
Than able, or ready or willing to...

Do whatever I please and then still remain as innocent
As I was before
And I would be like a million times better
Than able, or ready or willing to...
Track Name: All That Remains Are Skeletons
All That Remains are Skeletons

There’s no fault
You’re not to blame for
You’re not the one who is still bleeding

You fall out
Like a bomb
Like a dinosaur in a catacomb
On Halloween dressed like a zombie

Is everything as you please?
Is it just the way it is?
Or ain’t it just daydreaming?

You got shells for self-defence
A submarine of ultra-violence
But there’s no warning

And all that remains are skeletons
All that you say is now telecom
A kiss on her lips of silicon
Faces will change like avatars
It won’t be the same, but similar

I’m looking forward